Saturday, 20 January 2018

Thorns, bark, lichen and tweed

It's mostly been a grey and gloomy start to January here in Kent but we have had a couple of frosty, sunny days and I like those days best; walking the dog in horizontal rain is no fun, well not for me - I'm not sure that Flora notices - and so on the bright winter days I like to linger.  Flowers in winter may be few and far between, but what winter lacks in flowery beauty it makes up for in texture and I adore the lichens that are hidden by green leaves at other times of the year.  Thorny stems and bark too get a chance to shine before green buds and spring flowers divert the attention.  I was surprised to see the little ladybird in the middle of winter.

In the evenings we've been appreciating our blankets and I was glad to finish the tweed blanket that I've been making for what seems like an age.  As is my usual way it's very simple - double crochet with a frilly edge of trebles.  Here are the details:

  • The main blanket is worked in Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed Chunky in colourway 1658 aran (20 balls) and the border in Stylecraft Life DK in colourway 2307 black (2 balls)
  • Starting with the Stylecraft Alpaca Chunky and a 6mm hook I made 166 chain, then starting from the second chain from the hook I worked a row of dc to the end.  Before turning I worked 1 chain (remember to make this turning chain at the end of each row) then worked the second row.  I worked 210 rows of dc in total, using 19 of the 20 balls.  I used the last one to work one row of dc all around the edge of the blanket, working three dc into each corner to keep the square shape
  • Using two strands of the Stylecraft Life DK and a 6mm hook, I worked another row around the four edges before changing to one strand and the 4mm hook and working four trebles into each stitch to get the frill.  And that's it (after sewing ends in).  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Absolutely love that blanket, gorgeous texture, gorgeous yarn. Nicely done! And perfect for these chilly days and nights. CJ xx

  2. You have crocheted a wonderful warm blanket, exactly what we need these gloomy, wet and stormy days.
    Regards, Janneke