Sunday, 6 November 2016

Night and day cowl

Last year I made my stripey cowl and I've worn it alot, so I thought I would make another - same pattern, fewer colours.  For this one I used Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (again) with a 3.5mm hook in the following colours:  mist (057), white (001), amber (066) and black (300).  I can wear this lovely yarn all day long and it doesn't itch!  

 The pattern is simple:  make 41 chain then 1 dc into the second chain from the hook and continue in dc to the end so there's 40 stitches in the row.  Turn, *make 1 chain then 1 dc into each dc to the end, turn* and continue from * to * until your scarf/cowl is long enough (mine measured 126 cm long before I joined the two short ends together and it's 22 cm wide).  There are four rows to each stripe and 16 stripes of each colour. 

The stripe sequence works as follows:  I started with mist and alternated it with white until I had 8 of each colour, then changed to amber still alternating with white until there were 16 white stripes, I then changed to black, alternating with the amber until there were 16 amber stripes, then changed to mist, alternating it with black.  Does that make sense?  Hopefully the photo helps!  

I had intended to make this for myself, but it could end up as a Christmas present - I can always make another - must remember to sew the ends in as I go along next time!   

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane x


  1. It looks fab. I've nearly finished my Christmas presents and am looking forward to making something for me x

  2. The cowl looks fab, you should keep it for yourself!

  3. It's gorgeous. Keep it! I love DB cashmerino, you are right, it doesn't itch, and it's so soft. Your colours work really well together. x