Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Experiments in bobbles and yarn

I really enjoy making bobbly crochet so, since the big bobble blanket and the baby bobble blanket were finished, I've been experimenting a bit with a couple of squares to make more but slightly different bobbly blankets.  I had a couple of ideas, the first being a flower square, and ended up with this - the Tulip Square:

I think they look vaguely like tulips and I want to do some detail in the corners which will form another pattern when the squares are joined together - something simple, which should be easy enough. I'm having more trouble in deciding what colour to go for (that happens to me alot), but I have managed to decide that it will be all one colour.  

The second is a snowflake.  No worries about colour here, just white I think. 

Unlike the Tulip Square this one is worked back and forth and I can't decide whether to make squares and join them or make one large piece with snowflakes dotted around. This one is going to take a bit more planning but I'm really pleased with it so far.  

The last make is an experiment in yarn using an old pattern.  I made my bobbly coasters like the one above a while ago now and wanted to make a much larger and more chunky tablemat, so the same pattern with two strands of dk yarn and one strand of lace altogether came out like this:

I'm pleased with the effect the three strands together produced.  Right, that's my brain exercised for the year!  

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane xx

Friday, 1 July 2016


All was not well in the Flowerhouse garden last week. The slimy slug army came, saw and conquered and my runner beans fell - spectacularly.  The borlottis also lost the battle.  I sowed more even though it was a bit late but, as my mum says, "you never know your luck until your braces break".  Another blow was dealt when I discovered that biological warfare had been declared in the greenhouse in the form of tomato blight.  But although the vegetables are looking sorry for themselves, the flowers have been holding their own.  

"Oh well, look on the bright side, it's my birthday this week", I thought - but I woke up on my birthday only to discover that we'd left the EU; it's not what I voted for so naturally I was disappointed, well gutted actually, but I told myself that we live in a democracy and we are fortunate to have the chance to choose the path we would like to take.  The TV interviews in which people were saying that they had regretted voting to leave, or that they didn't know that we would actually be leaving, or that they didn't know which way to vote so they voted leave were slightly worrying - are they feeling regrexit?  Then, after a game of football, we (or England at least) had managed to leave Europe twice in one week - that's got to be a one-off.  

It's not all bad, I've been garden visiting at Sissinghurst and Perch Hill with my dear friend Gill over the last week.  Standing in the beautiful white garden at Sissinghurst or in Sarah Raven's famous cutting garden at Perch Hill, I felt as though I had been given a great big floral hug - just the job.  

The cutting garden, Perch Hill

The white garden, Sissinghurst

And, it seems that my braces haven't broken just yet:  as I drove home last week I saw a sign outside someone's house that said "runner bean plants for sale".  

A second chance.  

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane xx

PS:  I've just realised how weedy and untidy my garden looks!