Monday, 14 March 2016

Up and down

It's been a strange few weeks, mostly centred around our very poorly dog.  She's had major abdominal surgery due to a thing called bloat, which hits deep-chested dogs but nobody really knows why.  It's quite rare, but unfortunately for Flora not rare enough.  The surgery has made things better for her but she will still be on special diets and drugs for the rest of her life. The baby grow that she's wearing was to stop her nibbling her stitches and was so much better than one of those awful cones.

In amongst all the anxiety we hit a milestone - Alice's 21st birthday.  To celebrate she wanted to go and see the Lion King in London so that's what we did and it was fabulous.  We had seen it before in its first year, but back then Alice was only about 5 and slept through most of it.

Birthdays always have a cake and this one was quite fun to make, although my cake decorating skills are a little dodgy to say the least. 

I started a new blanket project because, well, you can never have too many blankets.  It's chunky, bobbly and big - intended for our king size bed - and has worked up fairly quickly; I'm only about 3 balls of Stylecraft special chunky from completion and am already thinking about the next one, taking a break from bobbles this time and going spotty, but more about that next time maybe. 

Meanwhile, hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. awe I'm so sorry that poor Flora is poorly, I hope she recovers really soon.
    happy birthday to your daughter, what a great cake and I love that gorgeous blanket.
    v x

  2. Poor Flora, I hope she recovers well from the surgery and that it at least makes some difference. Our dog has a dodgy knee, as all Jack Russell's do. Surgery only a matter of time. Happy Birthday to Alice! And contrary to what you say, your cake decorating is fab. x

  3. Oh no poor Flora I'm so glad her condition is treatable though that is good news. I've just finished a large blanket or rather I just have the border to finish & like you I'm planning the next. I do like your bobble one & the colour too. Happy Birthday Alice, I bet you all enjoyed the cake xx

  4. Hope Flora continues to improve bless her. I came across a puppy photo of her this morning as I was preparing my blog post and she was so little!! I'll send it to you....
    Alice's Birthday cake looks brilliant, what a great idea and well done Mum!
    So looking forward to our trip to the CL Fair this week, see you soon!!
    Gill xx

  5. So sorry to hear that Flora has been so poorly but glad she has been treated and hope she will recover well. She looks so sweet in the babygro....I love how vets use these now for dogs recovering from operations, so much more comfortable for them.
    Happy Birthday to Alice....what a wonderful cake, I love it with all the smarties spilling out :)
    Helen xox

  6. Happy Birthday to Alice! The cake you made is fabulous!! Poor Flora, I do hope that she will soon be recovered from the surgery and that she will do well in the future. Love your blanket! That is fabulous! xx