Friday, 25 March 2016

Big bobble beast

Here it is, the big bobble beast.  My biggest and most tactile blanket to date.  It was fairly quick to make - I started it about 4 weeks' ago.  I wanted something thick and chunky and warm, although it probably won't get any immediate use now that we're well into spring!  

The finished blanket measures 164 x 160 cm and is just wide enough to cover our king size bed. For the main body of the blanket I used 24 balls of Stylecraft Special Chunky in Parchment with a 6mm hook.  

I'm not great at writing patterns but here's a rough guide on how to make it (it's written in UK terms and assumes you know how to make a bobble) 

(Edited 21/11/16) If you want to know more about making bobbles and bobble patterns click here
  • Make a foundation chain of 178 sts then work four rows of dc, working 1 ch before turning at the end of each row. 
  • For the first bobble row work 4 dc then make the first bobble, then work 5 dc before making the next bobble and so on, working 5 dc between each bobble to the end and finishing the row with 4 dc after the last bobble.  
  • Work 3 rows of dc.
  • For the second bobble row work 7 dc, make the first bobble, work 5 dc before making the next bobble and so on, working 5 dc between each bobble to the end and finishing the row with 7 dc after the last bobble.  
  • Repeat these two bobble rows (with the 3 rows of dc in between them) until your blanket is the size you want, working 4 rows of dc after the very last bobble row.

Because the blanket is quite busy with bobbles I opted for a simple crab stitch edging in a contrasting colour.  To neaten the sides I worked a row of dc all around the blanket in the Parchment, working 3dc into the corners to keep the square shape, then I went round in dc again in Stylecraft Special Chunky Graphite before working the final round in crab stitch in the same colour (1 ball was just about enough).  

I love these bobbles and I like the dimples they make on he wrong side almost as much!

Happy Easter!

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x

Monday, 14 March 2016

Up and down

It's been a strange few weeks, mostly centred around our very poorly dog.  She's had major abdominal surgery due to a thing called bloat, which hits deep-chested dogs but nobody really knows why.  It's quite rare, but unfortunately for Flora not rare enough.  The surgery has made things better for her but she will still be on special diets and drugs for the rest of her life. The baby grow that she's wearing was to stop her nibbling her stitches and was so much better than one of those awful cones.

In amongst all the anxiety we hit a milestone - Alice's 21st birthday.  To celebrate she wanted to go and see the Lion King in London so that's what we did and it was fabulous.  We had seen it before in its first year, but back then Alice was only about 5 and slept through most of it.

Birthdays always have a cake and this one was quite fun to make, although my cake decorating skills are a little dodgy to say the least. 

I started a new blanket project because, well, you can never have too many blankets.  It's chunky, bobbly and big - intended for our king size bed - and has worked up fairly quickly; I'm only about 3 balls of Stylecraft special chunky from completion and am already thinking about the next one, taking a break from bobbles this time and going spotty, but more about that next time maybe. 

Meanwhile, hope all is well out there ...
Jane x