Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to reality

Dove Cottage


Medieval carvings at Carlisle Castle

In Mr. MacGregor's garden

From the summit of Helm Crag

It's just over a week since we got back from the Lake District (where did that go?).  I was sad to leave, which is a good thing really, but I have a few pics and some lovely memories.  We stayed at Marlowe Cottage in Caldbeck and we walked alot - fell walking, lakeside walking and, well, just walking really!  There are some lovely walks around Caldbeck but we also travelled around a bit. We visited the homes of William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter, gazed at Medieval and Roman carvings in Carlisle Castle, made it to the summit of Helm Crag (which isn't a biggie - 1,329 feet - but I have a fear of heights so didn't want to be too ambitious), walked the lakeside path around Buttermere and a little of Windermere and Grasmere, visited the Beatrix Potter Gallery (which holds her original artwork) in Hawkshead, visited Acorn Bank, a fairly new National Trust acquisition and took a trip to the Theatre on the Lake (Keswick) to see The 39 Steps.  In between we ate for England but I don't seem to have put on any weight - all that walking I should think.  

On our travels we saw more sheep than people so we bought back a little flock of our own as a reminder.

So last week we were back to reality and I've worked my way through the washing.  I have managed a little hooky though - priorities and all that.  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane xx


  1. Reality is very harsh after a good holiday isn't it. Glad you had such a lovely time, it really is a glorious part of the world. Love the sheep mugs! CJ xx

  2. What a lovely trip to the Lakes, Jane! I enjoyed your post very much...we hope to go there again soon. Love your new mugs, and how nice they look with your pretty crochet.
    Happy new week
    Helen xox

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. love your new mugs, very apt with your crochet x

  4. I've been up to Carlisle a number of times but I have never been to Beatrix Potters Gallery so that may have to be a place on the list of must see places.

  5. Your trip sounds really enjoyable and relaxing. I would love to visit there someday. I'll add it to my ever-growing list of locales to see when I finally make it across the pond. :) I love the mugs; my husband collects things with sheep on them and he would enjoy having a set of those too. I hope you have a very nice week. :)

  6. Very good mugs Jane, shame about the reality though xx

  7. I love the Lake District and it was good to know that you enjoyed it too and had such a great time!!! I love your new mugs, a great reminder of your holiday!! xx

  8. It is on my must visit list. Your mugs are so cute

  9. Beautiful photographs, I love the one of Dove Cottage. Those mugs are very striking, I love the colours and simple graphics. X

  10. Lucky you - the Lake District is a great place to spend a relaxing week isn't it? Love your sheep mugs!
    Caz xx

  11. That sounds like a wonderful week. It's not an area I know very well but it looks beautiful. Love the mugs. x