Monday, 22 June 2015

Perch Hill

Saturday was an open day at Perch Hill, Sarah Raven's East Sussex garden, so as a little birthday treat [it's not actually until Wednesday, but it's nice to stretch these things out a bit don't you think? ;o)], Mr. T and me went along, and what a treat it was, despite the weather being a little bit dull. 

I came home with a little scented pelargonium as a memento and dreams of a cutting patch (if I can Flora-proof it that is!). 

* * *

Since my last post I've added to my WIP pile:  more bobbles ...

... and simple join-as-you-go grannies, all exactly the same.

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x 


  1. What a lovely birthday treat. Happy birthday for Wednesday. 21 one is it this year? Blankets are beautiful as per usual.

  2. Hello Jane, that garden certainly looks fab....I love your bobbles. I also really like the simplicity of your grannies, when I stick to only a few colours for grannies I have to admit to getting a bit bored, but the end result is gorgeous x

  3. Oh how beautiful Perch Hill looks, I'm glad you had such a lovely visit there. The crochet is looking beautiful. I hope you have a good week and a really wonderful birthday. CJ xx

  4. Perch Hill looks amazing Jane, I love the colour of the poppy in your first photo...just beautiful!
    Gorgeous crochet as always! :)
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day!
    V x

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tour in Perch Hill. Sarah Raven's garden is still on my wishlist to visit when we go to England.

  6. I bet that was a great garden, it looks wonderful from your photos. What a nice thing to do for your birthday. Many happy returns by the way, I hope you had a lovely day. x

  7. Happy Birthday! Isn't the garden at Perch Hill amazing, and quite perfect for a birthday outing x

  8. Beautiful pictures of Perch Hill, thank you for sharing them! Your crochet is looking lovely too, I like the bobbles. Happy Birthday, Jane, I hope you had a lovely time (it was mine on Saturday too :))
    Have a happy new week.
    Helen xox

  9. Beautiful photographs of Perch Hill. I have a couple of Sarah Raven's cookery books, and the photographs are gorgeous (interesting recipes too!) x