Monday, 9 March 2015


I think out of all the plants in my garden the hellebores have proved the most reliable and I love them for it.  They come back bigger and better every year, flowering for ages, scattering their seeds around and brightening up a corner of a garden that has very little winter interest.

I was quite pleased when I discovered that my hellebores kind of matched my yarn.

So pleased in fact that I thought I might try and crochet some.

Well, anyone could be forgiven for not knowing what they were if they hadn't been told first, but I think when arranged amongst the real ones they do bear a slight resemblance.  I used the pattern from here.  

* * *

This month I'm joining in with the Cherry Heart Blanket Along to try and fall back in love with a blanket that I lost interest in only a third of the way along.

And to make some progress on these squares, 7 done only another 56 to go.  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. I adore Helebores and have several dotted around the garden which are currently in flower from a white to the deepest purple. I did have the green one but D let some be a little over zealous with the pruners and all I have left is storks. I was very upset at the time as it was a magnificent specimen and I thought between them they had killed it, but yesterday I noticed some little green shoots and even though it won't get a chance to flower this year now I am hoping it may have made a recovery by next year, that and I will be hiding the pruners in future.

  2. Your hellebores are beautiful, both the real ones and the crocheted ones. My own plant has not made it through the summer, strangely. The yarn looks so soft and luxurious, I wish it was mine :-)

  3. Oh Jane - your hellebores and so gorgeous - how perfectly do they match your wool ! Really beautiful,
    Kate x

  4. I had several Hellebores in Lincolnshire but only one here, the crochet flowers are lovely, maybe I should make myself a selection.

  5. More than beautiful the Hellebores together with the crocheted ones.

  6. Your hellebores - real and crocheted - are both beautiful!!!! I really like those squares in your last picture too! xx

  7. Lovely hellebores, the real ones and the crochet ones. The colour match is uncanny. Good luck with your blanket, all those seaside colours are beautiful, but I do know what it's like when you've gone off of a project, it's hard to get going again. Hopefully the blanket-along will help. The squares on the second blanket are really gorgeous, such a subtle colour, I love it. I hoe you have a good week Jane. CJ xx

  8. I've only seen hellebores in blogland and most of them have been crocheted as opposed to real! :) I think they're very pretty. I love that you've come up with a way to make some lovely crocheted ones. Have fun with your blanket, I'm sure you'll make lots of progress now.

  9. Your hellebores are so beautiful Jane, both real and crocheted, I love that dusky muted shade. I really need some hellebores in my garden!
    Not sure why you fell out of love with your blue/green blanket, again I think the colours are lovely.
    Have a good week,
    V x

  10. They bear more than a slight resemblance to Hellebores, they're brilliant! It's the perfect colour match that works so well. I need to plant a Hellebore bush/tree in our new garden. Anything that blooms in the late winter months has to be good. x

  11. Love your hellebores, they are all such beautiful shades, both the real ones in your garden and your lovely crochet ones too! Love the pictures of them together! The new blanket is looking very pretty too, and I am sure you will soon have it finished now!
    Helen xox

  12. I'm rather smitten with your hellebores, that colour combo is gorgeous.

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  14. Your hellebores are beautiful ..... both real and woolly!
    So is your crochet x
    love Jooles x x x