Monday, 2 February 2015

Shouldn't have done that

My little squares started to arrange themselves into a cushion cover front ...

... and I was quite pleased with the way they were but then I went diagonal ...

... and then went completely random ...

... shouldn't have done that because I've confused myself (doesn't usually take much) and here's something else I shouldn't have done:

Top:  Rowan softknit cotton
Middle:  Debbie Bliss rialto lace
Bottom:  Rowan all seasons chunky

In my defence there was 20% off the Rowan :o)

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Oh, I feel your pain ! I just cannot do random however hard I try, I'm glad its not just me :)
    And just to say - it would have been plain foolish not to have bought that wool at such a reasonable price _ I'd have done exactly the same.
    Kate xx

  2. Ha ha, love the yarn purchase. I found two lots of bargains last week, you have to stock up when you can don't you. Love your little squares x

  3. Ooh, lovely shades of everything. I'm a bit of an obsessive re-arranger of things as well. Don't worry, you'll work out how you like it best in the end. CJ xx

  4. Very pretty squares....I'm all about random!! New wool, nice xx

  5. All I can say is well done with the random Jane, the OCD in me won't let me do random, there is always a pattern!!!!
    And the yarn, well there was 20% off, how could you not!!! ;)
    V x

  6. I'm not good with random so I'd plum for the diagonal. Decisions decisions:-) Very nice yarn by the way how can you feel guilty when it was such a bargain.

  7. Random is difficult. I like the diagonal arrangement, I'd use that if you can.

  8. Oh I understand!! I think that the random is really good because it is hard to be random, but I have to say I love the first one because that is actually really unusual I think and there are lots of diagonal and random things! Love your beautiful new yarns! xx

  9. Random is impossible! I spend hours trying to make things look random and have to say your random is really balanced and pleasing to the eye. But isn't the pleasure in watching those piles of squares build up, and then playing around with different combinations? That's where the fun is! x

  10. Love them in the first arrangement.

  11. Such pretty colours.....random is the hardest thing to do! Love your new yarns, it would have been wrong to resist them :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Jane.
    Helen xox

  12. Very pretty - my favourite is the first arrangement and You can NeVeR have too much yarn!

  13. Gorgeous colours in your squares, can't wait to see the final thing :)