Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cowl crazy

The cold weather lately has brought a sudden burst of activity in cowl-making over the last week.

No. 1, worked in a chunky yarn and a big hook, was quick to make.  I like that you can pull it over your shoulders if you want.

But it works just as well as a straightforward cowl if you don't.

It took 3 x 100g balls of Rowan all seasons chunky in shade 602 (powder) and an 8.00 mm hook.  The pattern is from #crochet magazine, Issue 2 (winter).

No. 2 is still a WIP, taking a little longer to grow being worked in a lighter weight yarn and doubles instead of trebles.  Progress also not helped by Miss Flora, who decided to unravel some of it - is nothing sacred?  

I'm running out of high shelves to put things on.  Minx :o)

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Liking both cowls Jane but how could you be cross with such a cute little face. Maybe try a piece of string from the ceiling.

  2. Hello Jane, I love that cowl, it looks gorgeous, nice and snuggly...take care xx

  3. Oh it looks lovely & squishy! Just look at that face, so adorable x

  4. Both cowls are gorgeous Jane and just right for keeping cosy during this really cold weather we seem to be having.
    Marianne x

  5. She has a butter wouldn't melt face! How long can you be cross with her for? I'm guessing not long ;o)

    I love the grey cowl.

  6. Awe she looks so innocent, I can't believe she would be naughty! :)
    They both look so cosy Jane and I love stich pattern in them both!
    V x

  7. They are both lovely and I like the grey colour yarn, but gosh, that blue cowl! How stunning!! xx

  8. Such a beautiful cowl, it looks so soft and cosy and must be lovely to wear! How sweet your dog looks.....just the way mine does before getting up to mischief!
    Keep cosy.
    Helen xox

  9. I am very tempted to make a cowl. I have never owned one, or made one but yours looks so cosy. Being able to pull it over your shoulders sounds perfect to me. I often get cold shoulders. x

  10. What a lovely cowl, cool colors!

  11. I love the colours of your cowls, and the first one has a very pretty pattern. I have been thinking about making one myself, thank you for the inspiration.
    Caz xx

  12. Ooh Jane , its lovely ! I really love the style and the colour and you've made it so beautifully. Kate xx