Thursday, 29 January 2015


At last!  We were without the landline and broadband for about a week and we're still on a go slow until the new router goes in - don't you miss it when it's not there?  

Whenever Mr T asks me what I'm knitting, I'm usually crocheting something so he's adopted an umbrella term for knitting and crochet and asks me what I'm 'twiddling' instead.  So, since finishing the big grey blanket just before Christmas I've been twiddling a scarf and some squares.

On the knitting side of twiddling, this scarf for Mr T was incredibly easy in a chunky yarn that grew pleasingly quickly.  I found the pattern here.

In the New Year I usually promise myself that I will try something new - last year I started to learn Italian (although it will probably be a loooong time before I can hold a decent conversation!), so this year is 'knit yourself a sweater that you can actually wear' year. I have attempted a cardigan before, many years ago when I was in my late teens, it was a disaster and I never wore it.  But there are so many wonderful pattern books and fabulous knits on Ravelry (of which I've collected a fair few on my 'Knit' Pinterest board - there are so many talented people out there, I wish I had their vision and skill), I think it's time to have another go.  I've ordered yarn and am going for a (hopefully) simple V-neck sweater.  

On the crochet side I've got another throw on the go, one that's a bit more lacy this time - they are all the same colour, they just don't look like it in the photos! 

I've also been busy with these little squares; I wasn't sure where I was going with these when I started them, I just really liked this wonderful Scheepjeswol stone washed yarn, but but now I've done a few they seem to be sorting themselves out into a cushion.

And then there's Ziggy's blanket.  

I started this when he was quite a young kitty - he turned 10 last week so this has to be my oldest crochet WIP.  Poor little Zig, he's waited long enough I think. 

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Hi Jane, thank you so much for dropping by my blog!
    You have been twiddling a lot of lovely things, haven't you, all gorgeous! :)
    V x

  2. Gorgeous twiddlings, the new squares are really lovely, such pretty colours. I think I might try and knit a jumper this year as well. CJ xx

  3. Morning, lovely work....a 10 year old WIP? That must be a record :) xx

  4. Twiddling is a good word! I made a super easy top down raglan sweater with aran weight wool. There is a do-it-yourself pattern on Ravelry that I followed and the sweater fits me like a glove. Your grey lacy squares are beatiful. x

  5. I like your term twiddling. I'm afraid D is the same although unless he actually see's knitting needles clicking away he will generally ask what am I making but your hubbies twiddling does sound much better. Lovely colour for the scarf and lacey blanket. Poor Zig having to wait all this time.

  6. Oh Jane - so much gorgeousness on your blog ♥ I just love all of the things that you make -
    sorry, twiddle !
    Just adore the grey blanket, love the different shades of grey, so simple but so effective.
    Have a happy weekend full of crocheting and knitting,
    Kate xx

  7. I LOVE all of your yarny makings and what a fab term ..... 'Twiddling'!
    happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  8. Ooh, lots of yarny goodness here! But poor Ziggy! Bad kitty mummy ;o)

  9. All of your squares are beautiful!! I hope that you enjoy twiddling with the knitting for your jumper!! xx