Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winning, dithering, dreaming, confusing

I had a lovely surprise last week:  I won a giveaway from Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet.  My prize was the Mollie Makes Patchwork and Quilting book, in which Jooles is a contributor with her lovely pinny, and I was really chuffed.  Thank you Jooles!

I've been dithering about the border on my grey blanket - frilly or lacey?  It's taken me about a week to think about it and I decided I would be able to get a better rhythm going with frilly, so frilly it will be on the next round of trebles.

My new project, on the other hand, requires a lot more concentration.  A lighter, more lacey look to this one in my current colour crush - a greyish mauve; heaven knows how long it will take, I dream of draping it over my bed at Christmas but it won't be - doesn't matter, I enjoy the process.

I'm also dreaming of Christmas PJs - got the fabric ...

... but have also got Flora with ideas of her own and it doesn't help when she gets a bit carried away with herself:

Oh Flora!  And yet she's so adorable when she's like this:

* * *

This week I'm trying to get my head round Instagram.  I like the idea, I just seem to have premature send syndrome at the moment, so if you're on Instagram and get half a comment from me, please bear with, I'm working on it.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Lovely christmas fabric and Flora she looks adorable with her rabbit toy, but then your poor Ficus, I cannot help laughing about it, glad you have a tile floor.

  2. Oh look at your adorable puppy, so sweet when they are asleep, trouble free at the same time! Congrats on winning the bookxx

  3. Congratulations on the book, I am sure that you will love it. I am loving your grey blanket and the flowery squares too! xx

  4. Hello Jane, your blanket is looking fabulous, very much relate to thought processes-worth the time but annoying it takes time I appreciate.
    Flora-oh my days-scoop her up and send her over, well for those important growing sleeps anyway.
    Helen x

  5. Oh so sweet, impossible to be cross with that level of cuteness. The blanket is gorgeous, I think I want to make a crochet blanket, so thank you for the inspiration. Well done on your book win, no doubt you will love it. CJ xx

  6. Hello Jane, that is such a cute puppy, hard to be cross with theocratic for long isn't it? Your grey blanket looks gorgeous. I too love grey, but, don't know if could manage the one colour in crochet as most of my crochet is quite colourful!! Looking forward to seeing the final photos xx

  7. Congratulations on winning that exciting book! Your crochet blanket is looking gorgeous and the new squares are so pretty, a lovely soft shade.
    Oh get up to the same things as my little Molly does :)
    How sweet Flora looks snuggled up asleep like that!
    Happy Thursday!
    Helen xox

  8. I have yarn on my windowsill to be worked into a blanket for my daughter. Yours looks lovely. I am looking forward to seeing the frilly border. Our puppy has been a good boy today, no cables chewed and no upturned flowerpots either. Flora is growing fast! x

  9. Flora looks adorable hugging her toy - she is such a beautiful girl!
    Well done on the giveaway win Jane, looks a lovely book and clever Jooles!
    Love both the grey blanket you've nearly finished and the pretty mauve one you've just started. And I like the festive PJs fabrics!
    Have a good weekend Jane and look forward to seeing you both soon!
    Gill xx

  10. What a lovely surprise, to win a book! So many projects on the go, the mauve one does look a little more fiddly but gorgeous colours!

  11. I was going to say 'that grey blanket is perfection', but then I scrolled down and now I'm spoilt for choice!

    Flora, you gotta adore her ;)