Saturday, 8 November 2014

The all-seasons garden

I seem to almost have the gardening year in a nutshell.  I have summer roses, geranium psilostemon, begonias and even a hollyhock hanging on for dear life (but only just).

The autumnal hues of fading hydrangea flowers and sedum

And winter jasmine and viburnum.

Just need some bulbs to pop up now for a complete snapshot.  

* * *

A certain little puppy is growing like a weed and keeping me busy, but I have been able to sneak in a bit of hooky time:  simple facecloths worked in double crochet with Debbie Bliss cotton dk and a 5mm hook.

And the beginnings of a border.

Balls of yarn have been relocated as Flora + yarn = excellent fun (in Flora's world that is).  

Butter wouldn't melt. Not the best picture but it's hard to get her to sit still long enough!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post and welcome to new followers.

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. Not many flowers left in my garden Jane but I can't believe I am still able to pick the odd rose - even the geraniums are still sitting in pots outside the front door! It will be interesting to see if there is any knock on effect to next years garden. Love Flora - what a sweetie! Jane x

  2. Hello Jane

    What a feast for your eyes your flowers are, they are stunning, and the colours gorgeous. I love Winter Jasmin and can almost smell the perfume. Flora looks absolutely adorable.


  3. Your flowers are beautiful Jane! Flora is just so cute! xx

  4. Hello Jane, I love to find some last little flowers..I am too am making face cloths as and when for teachers gifts along with homemade soap and cookies. An edge, how exciting!! Flora looks a pleasure..enjoy your weekend xx

  5. Hi Jane, lovely facecloths-very neat and pretty border., ha ha I can imagine Flora does like to play with your wool stash-it's like having a toddler around.
    She is just gorgeous, keep posting pics so we can see her grow-she doesn't look so impressed being asked to sit!.
    Such a treat to see colour in the garden, especially the late roses-I keep snipping them to bring indoors, cruel but it is dark when we get home from work so can only appreciate them in the house during the week.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  6. A beautiful range of flowers. The winter ones are especially welcome aren't they. They always seem like such a miracle. I love the dishcloths, beautifully made with fantastic texture. How sweet your puppy is, and growing fast too! CJ xx

  7. I have admit to our garden definitely looking 'back-end-of-season' now, sadly nothing flowering. But on the plus side I am getting back to my crafting! The pup looks super cute :)

  8. Flora looks deceptively innocent! Who would think your wool would need to be safely stashed away looking at that harmless little sweetie!
    Amazing that you still have a hollyhock flowering as well as all the other summer/autumn flowers - the weather is so variable at the moment, balmy and warm one minute and wet and cold the next.
    The facecloths are lovely!
    Hope to see you soon Jane
    Gill xx

  9. Crimes Flora's growing fast! Lovely crochet pics, I've had this wretched cold thing, felt too grim today even to crochet, disaster!

  10. Lovely flowers, so much colour still! Your crochet looks lovely too, and I know just what you mean about puppies and yarn! Flora has grown such a lot already.
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  11. Lovely garden flowers! You have still many different ones in bloom. Your puppy looks so cute. I will be a new follower.

  12. How funny (that's strange funny) to see the end of your flowers, particularly your hydrangea, when mine are just starting! (It's Spring Down Under)

  13. I love the way you've edged those face cloths, the colours are really nice. My garden is shades of green and grey right now, and has been for a couple of months. How lovely to still have some colour in yours! x

  14. Flora is a cute as a button. We took our own puppy to explore the woods today, he was so exited. He doesn't normally like to go for walks much but taking the car to the woods, that is cool. It is lovely to still see flowers in the gardens isn't it? I just noticed that my Hebe started flowering. I wasn't aware of it being winter flowering but I remember vaguely it did so last year. Love your face cloth, I am too lazy to make borders but seeing yours I think I should! My last one got unravelled by a naughty pup. Have a lovely weekend. x

  15. She's going to be tall ... you can tell by the knees, it's going to take her a while to grow into those!