Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Times a-changing

With autumn here we've finally said goodbye to our bumper supply of tomatoes and runner beans. They have been our best crops this year and we've picked them by the bucket load.  

Best plants in the flowerhouse garden at the moment are Japanese anemones ...

... and cosmos.  These cosmos (Candy Stripe) were seeds given to me as part of a Mother's Day present.  They've flowered all summer and are still going strong despite the best efforts of the wind and rain to beat them down over the last couple of days.  

The upside of the rain is that the lady's mantle catches the drops and it never ceases to amaze me.

I was pleased to see that my lupins do it too.  

* * *

On a vintiquing trip to Otford last week with my lovely friend Gill (Gillyflower), I was pleased to find this vintage Cornishware jug ...

... which sits nicely with my vintage Cornishware mixing bowl, a recent Ebay win.

I know you can still buy it new, but there's something very pleasing about the vintage pieces.  My aunt had a cupboard full of it when I was little - happy memories.  

The following day I pootled down to Tenterden to the wonderful Hoop Haberdashery and came away with a bag full of Drops Alpaca, 15 balls of it to be precise, so work has started on yet another blanket-sized project. 

Before I get carried away with this one though I really must finish the grey blanket, which has grown quite nicely considering its size (I want it to cover my king size bed).  


Yarny activities will probably have to be restricted to upstairs in the flowerhouse soon as things are about to change.  Here's a clue ...

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane x


  1. I love the colour of the drops yarn. I am yet to purchase some of this wool but I have a project in mind but it might be in the New Year as I have a fare bit on until then. You look like you had a great crop this year. I don't have the time unfortunately to do grow your own but we are spoilt with two farm shops next to the village. Someone looks a little like a whole heap of mischief, but lovely with it. I think you could be right about spending a lot of time upstairs if Kate from Just Pootling's recent experience has shown. You very brave at making a blanket to fit your King Size bed so many hours of work will have gone into it by the time you will have finished it. It's something I would like to do but I think it may be a while and mine's only a double.


  2. Oh I bet you can't wait for the patter of tiny paws! You'll be too busy for any crochet then ;)
    The new yarn looks so downy soft and is such a delicious colour. The grey blanket is looking good, how you have the patience to crochet one that size is beyond me!
    The blue and white striped china is so cheerful on your dresser, a good find. And both the cosmos and anemones are looking gorgeous still, such great plants for long lasting colour into autumn.
    See you soon Jane
    Gill xx

  3. So much loveliness Jane _ I too absolutely love T G Green china, rain droplets on Lady's Mantle and huge grey blankets. Also thank you for answering a question I have been wondering about for ages, as we too have lots of Japanese anemones but up until now I had no idea what they were - I thought it was a kind of upright clematis Montana !
    And oh, oh, oh look at that little face ! You are going to have so much fun - and get absolutely no crochet done if he is anything at all like Otto !!!
    Lovely post,
    Kate x

  4. I love Japanese anemones, they look like they are made out of icing sugar. Oh look at your lovely little dog, if he/she is anything like my sisters your yarn will not be safe at all! I was tempted by some Drops Alpaca a couple of months back but never invested. It does look lovely & soft though. Have fun!

  5. Hello Jane

    Your tomatoes look wonderful, and I bet they taste lovely. You can't beat home grown. I love your blue and white china, and agree Vintage is best, all those memories of people baking away.


  6. awwwwww ..... a puppy?!
    Your garden looks so lush and what fabulous tomatoes!
    Your new blankets are going to be gorgeous
    love Jooles x x x

  7. Dear Jane,

    Thank you for the kind comments you leave on my blog. I appreciate them very much. Your garden still looks wonderful with the cosmea and the anemones. Wish I still had so many flowers in bloom! Your tomato harvest looks good too.

    Beautiful vintage finds!

    Madelief x

  8. Ahh, puppy!! I will enjoy seeing more! Love your crochet projects, especially the colours that you are working with. Your anemone is flowering so beautifully isn't it, love it!! xx

  9. Those tomatoes look so good! Love the look of your new project too, the yarn is a gorgeous colour.
    Marianne x

  10. What a lovely post. I really like the yarn and the tomatoes are so beautiful, especially the larger one. The puppy is amazing! Oh my goodness, what a sweetie. Have fun. :)

  11. A lovely post....the tomatoes look delicious, gorgeous flowers and beautiful crochet...and such a sweet puppy too!
    Happy weekend, Jane.
    Helen xox

  12. hello jane,
    what a lovely post. those tomatoes look delicious,the flowers are sooooooooooooooooo pretty.
    love your crochet have a sweet dog.
    happy weekend,

  13. Well that is one very cute clue indeed! Adorable, even if he/she wants to eat your crochet. Your tomato crop sounds fantastic and I'm envious that you still have so much in flower in your garden. x

  14. Dear Jane,

    What a scrumptious post! Anémones and cosmos in delicate pink are so very pretty! And your crochet skills are making me a little green with envy!

    Enjoy autumn!

    Your dog is so very sweet.

    Stephanie x

  15. That sure is an adorable small hairy person! You'll be busy for a while methinks. But puppy pics are easily as nice to share as yarny and flowery ones ;)

  16. Your blanket is looking lovely, I love the grey yarn :) The pictures from your garden are so pretty, is that second tomato a raf? Your dog is adroable too xx

  17. I just pulled out my cosmos today, they're fantastic aren't they, they flower and flower. That second tomato is wonderful, I love the crinkly ones. The jug was a brilliant find, I'm a big fan of Cornishware too, although mine is limited to two small new herb jars. Oh that big hairy paw and that wet nose - so sweet.