Friday, 31 October 2014

One bloggy year

It's a year today since my first blog post and to be honest, when I started I didn't think that I would last five minutes.  I had enjoyed reading many other blogs, most of which seemed to serve a purpose or have a particular skill or interest to share, but I had no idea what I wanted mine to be, so I decided that I would just go with the flow and if I ran out of steam then so be it.  A year on I'm still here and seem to blog mostly about things I crochet, knit, sew and grow (oh and the occasional day trip) and that's how it will stay ... for now ... I think.  

The best thing is that I've met some lovely bloggers along the way, I've learned new skills, taken part in a 'mand-a-long' and a 'sew-along' and completed projects that had been languishing in the bottom of a basket for far too long.  I'm amazed at the talent and creativity out there and so to all bloggers I would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.  Heartfelt thanks also to all those who have stopped to leave comments, they are much appreciated.  

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a little giveaway to celebrate my 'first birthday' and two names of commenters on that post have been drawn from the giveaway hats (actually they were Tupperware boxes):

The Rowan yarn parcel goes to Niki Murray at coffee cakes and crochet

The Tilda fat quarters parcel goes to CJ at Above the River

Congratulations to both, I hope you can find a use for them.  Please email me your addresses so I can send them to their new homes.  

Names were picked with eyes tightly shut after the 'hats' had been given a good shake but I'm afraid I had to fire the adjudicator for sleeping on the job.

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x

Monday, 20 October 2014


This is Flora.

She is an Irish Setter and she is 8 weeks old.

She's eating well and generally settling in nicely.  She likes playing in the garden, growling and barking at her ball, biting our feet (ouch) and snoozing with her new friend Rabbit when it all gets a bit too much.  

Still managing to get some hooky in during puppy sleep time - simple face cloths with just a few rows of double crochet in Debbie Bliss cotton dk. 

Best plants in the flowerhouse garden at the moment are the asters.  I love asters and it's only this year that I've bought some for the garden.  Let's hope they survive Flora's attention.

Am celebrating first blog birthday on 31st October with a little giveaway, details can be found here if you would like to join in.  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Giveaway for first blog birthday

How time flies.  It's almost a year since my first blog post so to celebrate I have two small parcels to give away.  Each will contain items on the flowerhouse theme of crochet, knit, sew and grow.

In parcel one:  four Tilda fat quarters and three packets of seeds.

In parcel two:  three balls of Rowan pure wool DK and three packets of seeds.

Each parcel will also include a couple of F&M tea bags so you can sit back with a cuppa and admire what you've made and grown.  All the seeds can either be planted in the garden or grown in pots on a patio or window sill.  

In true raffle tradition names will be drawn from a hat.  If you would like the chance to receive either of these just leave a comment on this post.  Your name will go into both hats unless you state a preference for only one in particular in your comment.  I am happy to post to anywhere in the world.  

Names will be picked on my blog birthday, 31st October, so the giveaway closes at midnight on 30th October (UK time).

I've enjoyed my first year, made lots of things and found some lovely people so I'm looking forward to the next.

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Times a-changing

With autumn here we've finally said goodbye to our bumper supply of tomatoes and runner beans. They have been our best crops this year and we've picked them by the bucket load.  

Best plants in the flowerhouse garden at the moment are Japanese anemones ...

... and cosmos.  These cosmos (Candy Stripe) were seeds given to me as part of a Mother's Day present.  They've flowered all summer and are still going strong despite the best efforts of the wind and rain to beat them down over the last couple of days.  

The upside of the rain is that the lady's mantle catches the drops and it never ceases to amaze me.

I was pleased to see that my lupins do it too.  

* * *

On a vintiquing trip to Otford last week with my lovely friend Gill (Gillyflower), I was pleased to find this vintage Cornishware jug ...

... which sits nicely with my vintage Cornishware mixing bowl, a recent Ebay win.

I know you can still buy it new, but there's something very pleasing about the vintage pieces.  My aunt had a cupboard full of it when I was little - happy memories.  

The following day I pootled down to Tenterden to the wonderful Hoop Haberdashery and came away with a bag full of Drops Alpaca, 15 balls of it to be precise, so work has started on yet another blanket-sized project. 

Before I get carried away with this one though I really must finish the grey blanket, which has grown quite nicely considering its size (I want it to cover my king size bed).  


Yarny activities will probably have to be restricted to upstairs in the flowerhouse soon as things are about to change.  Here's a clue ...

Hope all is well out there ...

Jane x