Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cherries, bobbles and raspberry ripple

Last Friday we made our annual pilgrimmage to our cherry tree.  As much as we love fruit, we don't have any fruit trees in our garden, just a small strawberry patch.   Instead we rent a cherry tree on a farm 29 miles away in Northiam, East Sussex.  It sounds a bit odd but it works a treat.  The farm does all the hard work, pruning, netting and everything else required to get as good a crop as possible.  They keep us updated by email on the tree's progress throughout the year and give us a 'picking window', which for our particular variety is usually about the last week of July.  We go, we pick, we eat as many as we pick, we come home with tummy ache and laden with cherries.

The variety is Regina, big and juicy and sweet and we must have picked between 20 and 25 pounds of them.  Some will be frozen in pie-sized portions, some made into jam and we're going to try a cherry cordial this year and maybe some cherry vodka.

These lovely jewel-like cherries helped me decide on a border for the raspberry ripple blanket I finished a while ago (well sort of).

It looks ok as it is, but because it is a Christmas blanket (sorry to mention that in the middle of summer) I think it needs making a little more special, so bobbles (or should that be baubles) it will be. (I should add that I've seen a few blankets in blogland with bobbles attached so it wasn't entirely the cherries!)

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. What beautiful cherries!!!! I hope that you enjoy lots of cheery cherry things to eat and drink. I love your blanket too, it is beautiful and will look lovely with the baubles! xx

  2. The cherries *and* the blanket look scrumptious! I've heard about renting cherry trees, how I wish I lived nearer an orchard so I could do the same as you! Lucky! Chrissie x PS I have a cookbook by Skye Gyngell that features a section on cherries and what to do with them, the book is called 'My Favourite Ingredients' - see if you can find it in your library, or email me and I can give you some recipe titles to see if anything sounds interesting.

  3. Gosh you picked loads Jane! I never realised you picked so many pounds, or was this a particularly good year? They are such lovely rich glossy colour, and what a lovely idea to make the bobbles to trim your Christmas blanket - it'll look very special and will remind you of the summer cherry picking when its cold and grey outside!
    See you soon
    Gill xx

  4. That is rather a lot of cherries Jane. I'm afraid I am one those people that can't eat many berries they just don't like me. Strawberries and the like always look so inviting and smell wonderful, but I soon look like a strawberry if I eat one. I tend to be ok with cherries though. Oh and I thought I would tell you that after asking you what the little flower was in your last post (Nigella) I have discovered some in one of my planters. I certainly didn't put it there but if definately them I even went back to your post to check the photo again. Very strange.

  5. Beautiful luscious cherries Jane, and haven't you been busy with them - you are very resourceful! Your blanket is looking lovely already, and with the addition of baubles it will be very eye-catching and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed! xoJoy

  6. Wow Jane, those cherries look amazing, and I'm sure you probably could make a flummery from cherries. It would be cherry pies all the way for me ! I love your ripple blanket and the bobble border will totally make it - I'm going to give this pattern a try soon.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  7. Hi Jane,

    Just read your comment on my blog. Lucky you to live so close to Hastings! I liked it very much. We visited years ago. It looks so better now. A lot has changed for the good. We did not visit Rye this time, but did last time. We liked that very much too!

    Such a good idea to have your own cherry tree in an orchard. I can imagine how much fun it must have been to pick cherries from your own tree.

    Your blanket looks beautiful!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  8. You rent a cherry tree?! How wonderful. I'm off to Google North Welsh fruit farms that rent trees ... it's just such a brilliant idea.

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend Jane.