Monday, 19 May 2014

Still not finished

A frustrating elbow injury has prevented me from much in the way of crafty things over the last couple of weeks (hence the last kind of strange post about cow parsley and tea) and so the blanket I was trying to get finished for younger Miss T's homecoming (Friday) won't be.  The pile of finished squares looked a little disappointing but once I laid them out on the bed it looked a bit more promising.

And it's slightly annoying that I've only been able to make a small start on yet another project with this lovely pistachio Rooster Baby (but then I am supposed to be concentrating on the blanket so I can't really sulk too much about this one).  

On a more cheerful note, last week (or possibly the week before, time flies) I went to the Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park just outside Tunbridge Wells with Gillyflower Gill.  Despite the weather's best efforts to be as cold and wet as possible it didn't dampen our spirits:  neither of us displayed much self-control and we managed to come away with a good few things - fabric mainly.

Hungarian grain sacks for cushion covers

Cath Kidston antique rose (the background on the bottom one looks sort of pinky in the photo but it is, in fact, yellow).

And this, my favourite, which says 'Heavenly Peace by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit' on the selvedge.  It's so beautiful I don't want to cut into it.

This week we're going on a very exciting Chelsea Flower Show adventure.  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. So much loveliness here Jane! Miss T's blanket is looking brilliant, the little white centres in the crocheted squares are just perfect and bring it all to life - looking great!
    The new yarn looks lovely - what will you make?
    The fabric all looks so pretty, you got some good buys and it was a very successful mornings spend!
    Looking forward to our next jolly on Wednesday!
    Gill xx

  2. Your fabrics are so pretty and will make lovely things, whatever they turn out to be. I hope that you get better soon so that you can get your blanket finished as it is going to be very pretty. xx

  3. I think the blanket is looking great, although it must be very frustrating not be able to finish it. I love that sackcloth fabric - the shades of grey and red are really gorgeous. x

  4. I am sorry about your troublesome elbow Jane and understand how frustrating that must be when you so enjoy your crafts! The blanket will be beautiful - all in good time - and I'm interested to see what that next little project will be! How nice that you and Gill can go off together and do such things - and there I see that grain sack fabric again - I would like to come across the likes of that over here so must do a search - I really love the look of it! Your rosy fabrics are gorgeous too! Enjoy your excursion to the Chelsea FS, that will be invigorating too, and mind that elbow! xo Joy

  5. I absolutely love your blue blanket, its going to go gorgeous - keep going, keep going ! Poor you with a bad elbow, that's no fun.
    Such gorgeous fabric choices, particularly love the grain sacks.
    Have a wonderful time at Chelsea, looking forward to the piccys,
    Kate x

  6. A shame about your elbow I hope you recover properly to craft again soon! The fabric is just lovely, I want to go to a vintage fabric fair now & am busy googling for a local one to me! Have a great time at Chelsea, I hope you will blog about it!

  7. Oh lucky you Jane. I have been to the Tatton Flower show a number of times as I used to live in Manchester but never been to Chelsea. May be next year.

  8. That's a shame about your elbow...hope it feels better soon. I don't like it if anything gets in the way of my crafting time, so I feel for you. The blanket is going to be great when it's finished though. Gorgeous new fabrics!
    Marianne x

  9. Your blanket is going to be gorgeous Jane!
    I hope your elbow is feeling better soon, how annoying that must be but I'm sure a visit to Chelsea will help wonders ..... how exciting!
    love Jooles x x x

  10. I missed so much last week...I hope you're faring better now, the blanket will be finished and it will be amazing! The fabrics you bought are just fabulous, I'm itchin' to make some new cushions for my sitting room for summer...Chrissie x