Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Raspberry ripple

Snippets of this blanket have featured in a few posts while it was a WIP, but at last it's finished. This was supposed to be a Christmas (2013) blanket, but I think I was a little ambitious with the timing - but hey, I'm dead organised for Christmas 2014.

I started with absolutely no plan, other than I wanted a red and white blanket, and thought the ripple pattern might be fun to do as I'd seen some rather beautiful ones on other blogs.  

I followed instructions so brilliantly set out by Lucy at Attic 24 and I was away, crocheting ripples in no particular order.

By the time I had got to what I thought was half way I decided I wanted some order to the rippley chaos, so just made the second half a mirror image of the first.  Simples! (Just how I like it, I find complicated too traumatic.)

It may get a border in the future, but for now it's OK as it is and besides, I have a Nordic shawl obsession going on at the moment.

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. I like your blanket, it's nice and fresh looking. I will be interested to see your Nordic shawl; I was toying with making a shawl today but don't know if I would use it. We lost out to next door with the blue tits... a pair of blackbirds started making a nest in our ivy so I don't feel too despondent and we can still see the blue tits from the kitchen window! What colours do you fancy for the shawl?

  2. Lovely, lovely ripple blanket Jane! The pattern is great and I love the bright red.
    Marianne x

  3. Its really lovely Jane, the contrast of the red and white look so good together. I'm with you with the trauma's of complicated and actually, also with the Nordic shawl having got my pattern today.
    Looking forward to seeing your photo's,
    Kate x

  4. Sweet and fruity, and nicely arranged stripes Jane, well done!
    I start out with my blankets in much the same way and then usually head into mirror image, but it's been so long since I worked on my ripple that it'll probably take me a bit of time to sort out and get back into the pattern of colours!
    Your beautiful work looks stunning on the back of your lounge/settee/sofa! Joy x

  5. It looks lovely and is great not just for Christmas, but all year round I would say!! I like how you have made it sort of random, but not! That is my kind of random. I understand the Nordic shawl obsession, I have that desire too!! xx

  6. It's fantastic, so very striking done in red and white. You have made it beautifully. I'll look forward to seeing the Nordic shawl.

  7. Oh wow, it's so lovely. I love the way you just used two tones, so simple and yet so effective. Are you doing a nordic shawl too? I am very tempted, I must say. x

  8. I love your color choices and the stripe patterning. Red is a great color, and looks fabulous used this way. I really like the ripple pattern on attic24.typepad.com and have used it dor a chunk of a mixed "my mind can't commit to just one pattern stitch" projects. A blanket for my grandson. I followed Lucy's stripe patterning and loved it! Now I see anither way to use her beautiful ripple pattern.. And I'm thinking black and pink, or red (afraid the black would overpower the red stripes, so may do red with black stripes for my color stubborn daughter's home. Its so hard to crochet ANYTHING for her as she doesnt like scarfs, fingerless gloves, shawls, certain colors.. Ack! ) thank you for the inspiration! A+!