Saturday, 22 March 2014


Exciting times, first little seedlings are popping up:

Some of these seedlings will grow up to 5ft tall, such is the wonder of nature. There's also something very pleasing about the the unfurling, bud-bursting stage before the plants give us their full glory or a tasty harvest.  

Propagation is probably my favourite bit about gardening and there are a number of ways to make new plants, but instead of trying to remember which method for which plant I always go to Carol:

I love this book, it's a mine of information and a pleasure to just read.

* * *

The ripple blanket is now fully grown and, after a slow start, my Nordic is coming along ...

... but I desperately want to get to the colours! 

And where's that yarn-tail fairy when you need her?  

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x

PS:  Nothing to do with anything in this post, but I rather fancy a steam cleaner.  Does anyone have one, which one did you go for, has it become an obsession or is it just sitting in the cupboard?  Any comments on this gratefully received. 


  1. Hello Jane
    Definitely exciting times in the garden - hooray for the warmer weather on the horizon.
    I love your ripple blanket ... no magical suggestions for the ends though I'm afraid but a chocolate egg every time I finished a certain amount of my blanket seemed to help enormously !
    Just got a steam cleaner - it's a Bissell steam mop with detachable pod and I have to say it was just the job for giving our window frames a good going over. Haven't tried it on anything else yet but its certainly very portable, easy to understand and use, so a thumbs up from me.
    Kate x

    1. Hello Kate, I've just bought a bag of Cadbury's mini eggs so sounds like a good plan to me! Thank you for the info on the steam mop, sounds good so will look one up on the good old internet. Have a good weekend. Jx

    2. Kate is too modest to say herself, but I was going to suggest that you pop over to her blog and have a look at how she finished off her everlasting blanket, she came up with a way of making a border and tucking all of the ends in. It might be worth a look depending on how you are going to finish it off. Your blanket looks beautiful and will be lovely however you decide to finish it off I am sure. Hope that you have fun with all of your growing and propagating! xx

  2. Ah don't you just love Spring - your seedlings are looking very healthy and I'll look forward to seeing shots of them as they grow! Those are gorgeous coloured yarns awaiting you - they should give the necessary incentive to get cracking with those awful ends!!! But of course the choc eggs will help a heap too, I'm sure! Have a happy Sunday Jane, Joy xo

  3. Its very satisfying when those first little green seedlings start to show.
    I like Kate's reward scheme for swing in ends, but could be a bit fattening!
    Love the look of the Nordic shawl, the textured stitch and colour are lovely!
    Pop over to Heathers pinkmilk blog, I know a few weeks ago she was raving about her steam cleaner, which is the one I think I will get - it may have been a Karcher?
    See you next week Jane!
    Gill xx