Thursday, 20 March 2014

Animal crackers

This rather space-age-looking object is a Bee Station.

It can either be used as a bee nesting site by stuffing the dome with straw or dry grass, or as a bee refuelling station by filling the bottom with a sweet sticky mix of sugar dissolved in water and honey.  I try to fill my flowerbeds with flowers that are particularly attractive to bees and butterflies, so I'm going to try and give them the best of both worlds and set up the Bee Station as a nesting site.  We may not get any tenants, but the offer is there.  The difficult bit is keeping these three busybodies away from young seedlings:




None of which could stand still for long enough for me to get a decent photo! 

Been playing with animal crochet this week.  The tutorials from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me and Dragana at Dada's Place are nice and easy to follow. Perhaps these will embellish a couple of cushions.  

And yet more cross-stitch WIPs in the back of my cupboards (I think my cupboard might be an entrance to Narnia, it certainly doesn't seem to have a back).  Chickens this time, one just about finished and another not yet started:

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x


  1. I love the idea of the bee house, I hope that you get a tenant very soon! Your crochet is just too cute, especially the little owl, I think that your idea of being a centrepiece of a cushion is a great one! Hope that all is well with you too! xx

  2. I've never seen those bee stations before - what a great idea.
    The girls are looking blooming, and busy pecking away in your garden..... I saw a hen escapee whilst out walking this morning, I do hope she found her way back!
    The stitched hen is looking lovely, and being so nearly finished should give you the incentive to finish it and do the other - they will look lovely framed side by side.
    Cute little animals - i love the pink bear!
    Have a great weekend Jane and see you next week
    Gill xx

  3. A bee house is new to me too. Very sweet crochet and cross stitch. I have one of those cupboards without a back, full of crafty stuff too!! Have a lovely weekend, Sarah xo

  4. The animal crochet looks cool and the bee station is a good idea. We have a problem with wasps and they nested in our loft a year ago and our neighbours last year. Towards the end of September they would manage to fly through the loft door into the house and at this stage they were drunk off the pollen which makes them angry. They would angrily fly into our bedroom early in the morning; it was like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie. I phoned a pest control lady and she told me about their drunken antics and suggested we just waited it out. So I'm reluctant to do anything to attract wasps near the house, but I do love bees and there is a large bee house in a field nearby. Enjoy the weekend x

  5. I was wondering what it was. What a clever idea. Not seen them before. Loving your crochet projects very clever. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a cupboard that leads through to Narnia. I have several cross stitch projects that are a WIP but the hours I work these days I find it hard to fit in. Crochet and knitting seem to fit in a lot easier. Maybe one day when I retire I will have all these things to finish.

  6. Love the little bee house !
    Kate x

  7. I have never seen a bee house before. Your crochet owl is stunning.

  8. A lovely post, full of my favourite things: bees and flowers, crochet and stitching! Kindred that bee house, do keep us updated on what happens...and aren't you so clever with those animal squares? They look gorgeous! Love the chicken stitch, at least that one stays still for you...Chrissie x