Sunday, 23 February 2014

Isn't it just so annoying when ...

... you're coming to the end of a project and you realize you haven't got enough yarn to finish!  This is what has happened with my rogue flower cushion.

I need to do another couple of rounds to make it fit my cushion pad.  I have crate loads of the white (slight exaggeration) and thought about a white edge, but I'm not sure - I think it will be too much.  It's highly unlikely I will be able to get the same dyelot of the pink, so it's between the devil and the deep blue sea at the moment.

While I ponder on it I have plenty of other things.  The red/white/cream ripple is almost there ...

... and the (well hidden in this photo) buttonholes on the cable cushion cover need re-working as I made a complete pig's ear of them.

Then there's my new yummy green yarn that arrived yesterday - Artesano Superwash Merino DK, I've not used this before. 

I think this is going to look just mighty fine with my hexies ...  

... if I ever get them finished that is - they've been around for a while like so many other projects! 

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.

Hope all is well out there ...


  1. Hello Jane, Oh dear what a dilemma.

    Is that is your pink flower on the cushion ??, if so,what about taking the flower off, buying more pink yarn and recrochet the flower, then you will have enough yarn for the extra rounds.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I say make a style statement and use a contrasting colour for the cushion. The green yarn looks good. Have a good week xx

  3. That's a post full of gorgeousness! Sorry about the yarn shortage, that's frustrating! And such a pretty piece of work...can't wait to see what you do with that lovely green yarn! Chrissie x

  4. I agree it is very annoying when you run out of yarn for a project. You ripple blanket is looking gorgeous and that green yarn is indeed very yummy.
    Marianne x

  5. Yes that is a real nuisance when you're that close!
    The colour of that green yarn is gorgeous!!! It sounds as if its going to be lovely and soft.
    What will you make with it I wonder?
    Gill xx

  6. Yes, running out of yarn is so annoying - could you use a smaller cushion pad maybe? I just love that red, white and cream ripple, it's very nice indeed. x