Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sewing box - times past and present

For some time I have been looking for a sewing box and just before Christmas I stumbled on this one in a local antiques centre.

I wasn't sure at first, I loved the 1950s/60s style but wasn't sure how it would look with our other bits of furniture and so I left it.  I came to the conclusion that our style was what some would call 'eclectic' anyway and was pleased to find the sewing box still there when I went back.  When I opened it there were some bits and pieces still inside:  threads, buttons, a zip, poppers, hooks and eyes, some ancient rick-rack, bias binding, a packet of needles. 

There was also a glimpse of times past:  a darning needle, still with its thread from its last mending session (I wonder if, in this throw-away world we live in whether people still darn socks?) and these rather sturdy spare suspenders. As I don't have a girdle to attach them to (thank goodness for lycra), I won't be using them, or the elastic for that matter.

A quick clean and it's ready to go

But I can't imagine it will stay tidy.

Hope all is well out there.
Jane xx


  1. It's such a practical and useful sewing box as well as being vintage and stylish, a great find Jane.
    I must confess to liking your bits and bobs better than the old ones though! The patchwork looks lovely, and those pins are sweet - where did you find them?
    See you tomorrow!
    Gill xx

  2. What a treasure to find Jane - I love it ! And how lovely to find the last owners bits and bobs still in it.
    Kate x

  3. I love those old sewing boxes... I'm often tempted to buy one. Good find x

  4. How lovely, such a fabulous find ..... I'm loving the look of your hexies too!
    love Jooles x x x

  5. Seriously LOVE this sewing box - you are so fortunate it was still there, and yes, I see some very attractive hexes in there also . . . . ! Joy x