Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A scarf and a selfie

The frosty, sunny mornings we’ve recently had have been beautiful, but chilly round the neck so, having looked at my boring shop-bought scarves, I decided to make a more interesting one.  I went for Nicki Trench’s Chunky Seashell Scarf from Cute & Easy Crochet.  I really enjoyed making this and I’m sure many other crocheting bloggers have too; it was so quick and easy to make.  

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky in Lime (43017), which is 100% wool. Usually, I can't wear itchy-scratchy wool next to my skin, but this is incredibly soft.  

With the OED announcing that their word of the year is ‘selfie’ today, it occurred to me that I was a selfie virgin.  I am a little bit camera-shy, so what better way to lose my selfie virginity than with my latest project: 

Now back to the Christmas projects, which are getting a little bit more pressing. 

If there are any more selfie virgins out there - go on, be a devil!

Jane x

PS Apologies for the poor quality of the photos:  a) I'm not a very good photographer and b) I'm not sure why, but I took them after dark!


  1. Wow you finished the scarf quickly Jane - the colour is lovely and it suits you.
    That's a couple of very shy selfies, but well done for being brave enough to go this far!
    Gill xx

    1. Thank you Gill and thank heavens for digital cameras - I can't tell you how many shots I took before I got two half-decent photos! If I make any more scarves I think teddy will have to model them. Jane xx

    2. Lol! I'm sure Teddy won't be shy!
      Gill xx

  2. That is so funny, I have just been thinking of making this scarf just yesterday. Yours turned out lovely. Thank you for your comment on my blog x I'm camera shy also...