Thursday, 31 October 2013


At last my blog has some content, having been set up months ago, possibly a year, with lots of help from my lovely friend Gill

When I visited Coco Rose Diaries the other day I saw that Vanessa had been busy making tiny bobble hats for this year’s Innocent Big Knit. I thought I’d have a go, made ten little hats, then ground to a halt trying to make bobbles – usually an easy task using two pieces of card with a hole in the middle, but not when you want tiny bobbles. After lots of fiddling about I came to the conclusion that my hats would be bobbleless and disappointing, then a quick Google led me to fork bobbles.  And bobble's your uncle, job done!

I rediscovered knitting and crochet a while ago (something I hadn’t done since my teens) and have been much inspired by the blogs of others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my rather awkward knitting technique leaves a lot to be desired (never managed to do that thing where you flick the yarn forward between the needles with a pointy finger), but after a year of slowly and deliberately winding the wool around the needles and getting side-tracked by other projects, I’ve finally managed to finish something:

And this too:

The inspiration for the blanket came from Thrifty Chic, interior style on a shoestring by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell and also from here at Mia's Landliv.  It has now gone to university!  The pattern for the cushion came from Classic at Home by Erika Knight.  

This has been a longer first posting than I had intended, and very wordy, so if anyone's out there and managed to get this far, thank you for sticking with it!