Monday, 16 December 2013

Running out of time

I'm normally quite quick off the mark in getting Christmas decorations out, but this year I seem to have dragged my heels and it was only yesterday that I made a start by decorating the tree.

Christmas tree decorations hold so many memories:  

From my childhood

The girls' favourite decorations when they were little 

Making our angel for the top of the tree

Crafts coming home from playschool (always the best!)

A present from one of the girls' teachers at their primary school, for helping with reading (something that I loved doing)

We've collected quite a few baubles and decorations over the years

Some of which are a little unconventional, but I like shoes! 

But they all go on

The bad light and gloomy weather seem to make everything look dull, but my tree does look alot brighter in real life!  And my little angel girlie is happy

By the weekend my girls will be home from uni and I can't wait, by then it will be Christmas decorations a go-go!

Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Jane xx

Friday, 6 December 2013

WIP fest

I just can't help it and I know I’m not alone – I start something, then something else, then something else …

So, I’m currently working on:

Christmas cables and wavy lines

Knitted/crocheted squares in lots of blues

Little circles

Bluey-greeney grannies

And more grannies, which will be a blanket …

… for Mr. Ziggy, the king of snooze ...

... to go with his mousemat …

... for an extra cozy kip.

 Then there is my first attempt at hexies

When will they all be finished?  Who knows, I've got cross stitch WIPs in the cupboard that have been there for years!  But now that the above projects have been 'outed', I feel that I've committed myself to finishing them.

The wavy lines are also a first attempt and for this I followed instructions by the brilliant Lucy at Attic 24. The pattern for the mousemat (which is actually finished) is from Pet Heaven: The Animal Accessory Bible by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne and it's worth a look if you like to pamper your pets, there are some great knits in there. 

Hope all is well out there.  Have a good weekend.

Jane x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A scarf and a selfie

The frosty, sunny mornings we’ve recently had have been beautiful, but chilly round the neck so, having looked at my boring shop-bought scarves, I decided to make a more interesting one.  I went for Nicki Trench’s Chunky Seashell Scarf from Cute & Easy Crochet.  I really enjoyed making this and I’m sure many other crocheting bloggers have too; it was so quick and easy to make.  

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky in Lime (43017), which is 100% wool. Usually, I can't wear itchy-scratchy wool next to my skin, but this is incredibly soft.  

With the OED announcing that their word of the year is ‘selfie’ today, it occurred to me that I was a selfie virgin.  I am a little bit camera-shy, so what better way to lose my selfie virginity than with my latest project: 

Now back to the Christmas projects, which are getting a little bit more pressing. 

If there are any more selfie virgins out there - go on, be a devil!

Jane x

PS Apologies for the poor quality of the photos:  a) I'm not a very good photographer and b) I'm not sure why, but I took them after dark!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thinking about Christmas ...

I had all sorts of good intentions this year in the way of Christmas makes:  a red cable cushion, a lovely patchwork throw, a lovely Christmassy crochet throw.  Now back to reality.  The cushion is, I would say, a definite:  it’s nearly finished.

The patchwork throw:  well, given my inexperience with patchwork, it’s unlikely, but I bought the fabric, just in case I had a sudden burst of creativity; besides, I couldn’t resist these lovely Tilda fat quarters.

The crochet throw?  Well, now I really am dreaming!  Haven’t even got any yarn to take a photo of, but I have got Panettone - this one came from John Lewis (I know this seems like a bit of a tenuous link to nowhere, but please read on and bear with …)

… to eat (along with cake, mince pies, Christmas pudding and all the other girdle-busting victuals) in the Christmas holidays while starting my patchwork throw and thinking about starting the crochet throw for next Christmas!

I seem to have gone from 'leaving it too late' to 'forward planning' - well I'm quite pleased with that!

Jane x

Thursday, 31 October 2013


At last my blog has some content, having been set up months ago, possibly a year, with lots of help from my lovely friend Gill

When I visited Coco Rose Diaries the other day I saw that Vanessa had been busy making tiny bobble hats for this year’s Innocent Big Knit. I thought I’d have a go, made ten little hats, then ground to a halt trying to make bobbles – usually an easy task using two pieces of card with a hole in the middle, but not when you want tiny bobbles. After lots of fiddling about I came to the conclusion that my hats would be bobbleless and disappointing, then a quick Google led me to fork bobbles.  And bobble's your uncle, job done!

I rediscovered knitting and crochet a while ago (something I hadn’t done since my teens) and have been much inspired by the blogs of others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my rather awkward knitting technique leaves a lot to be desired (never managed to do that thing where you flick the yarn forward between the needles with a pointy finger), but after a year of slowly and deliberately winding the wool around the needles and getting side-tracked by other projects, I’ve finally managed to finish something:

And this too:

The inspiration for the blanket came from Thrifty Chic, interior style on a shoestring by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell and also from here at Mia's Landliv.  It has now gone to university!  The pattern for the cushion came from Classic at Home by Erika Knight.  

This has been a longer first posting than I had intended, and very wordy, so if anyone's out there and managed to get this far, thank you for sticking with it!