Friday, 9 March 2018

Quick change

Winter in Kent is usually quite a mild affair compared to other areas of the British Isles, but last week we were hit by an icy blast which plunged us into the kind of sub-zero temperatures that only come once in a blue moon. It even snowed in London.  The snow was fun but the rail networks struggled with freezing points (well, freezing everything probably).  Flora loved it, she went all setter and charged around in it in a wild frenzy of friskiness.  She didn't seem to notice the cold.  Then, it went away as quickly as it came, the temperatures went up this week (into double figures one day).

I've been joining in a knitalong over the last couple of weeks, hosted by Ami who is The Little Tailoress on Instagram and Ravelry.  We're knitting 'bonding squares' - pairs of 5-inch squares for hospitals to help mums and babies who are separated because of premature birth or other problems.  One square goes to mum, who wears it next to her skin and the other goes in the incubator with baby.  The squares are swapped after a few hours (about 12 I think) so baby is snuggled in with mum's scent and mum has baby's scent on her square when she goes home.  Mine will go to St. Thomas's Hospital in London.  I can't think of a better way to use up leftover yarn/yarn stash.  One of my daughters was premature and the separation is tough, not helped by the somersaulting hormones.  I felt a bit tearful at times while knitting these little squares, even after all these years (silly sausage!)

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane xx