Thursday, 15 November 2018

Autumn days


Since my last post, when we were all knee-deep in snow, summer's been and gone (which included a long, and sometimes quite uncomfortable, heatwave) and we're now coming towards the end of what's been a glorious autumn.  I'm not keen on the shorter days, but the autumn colours have been amazing this year and they match my dog perfectly :)

My knitting needles haven't been idle, the sock collection is growing, in fact, it's becoming a bit of a habit and the sock needles are never empty and I'm pleased to be able to start wearing a shawl I finished in April (just in time for the warm weather - my timing is hopeless).  

I had planned to pay more attention to my blog this year but famous last words and all that.  Podcasts seem to be popular these days, but I find that if they're more than about 20 minutes long I stop watching and don't get to the end.  As for me, being camera shy (alot), I'm unlikely to follow in the footsteps of other bloggers to the laptop screen.  I have, however, started to read blogs again even though I haven't bothered with my own and I'm glad to see that some of my favourite regular bloggers are still out there which is definitely an incentive to rejoin the community.  So, see you soon???

Hope all is well out there ...
Jane x

Socks - clockwise from top left:  Drippity Drop socks by Kay F. Jones, Snowy toes by Trin-Annelie, Prairie socks (I modified the pattern a bit) by Kay F. Jones, Sweet Bee socks by Sew Sweet Violet.

Shawl - Void by Melanie Berg